Clytie & Justin

Byron Bay Wedding Video

What better way to ring in the new year than with a wedding video of two of my most dearest friends. I played both guest and videographer late last year as Clytie and Justin exchanged vows in Byron Bay. I’ve known Justin since grade five with our friendship strengthening in the last few years of high school and continuing today. I never usually capture friends’ weddings, but my relaxed approach to capturing the day allowed me to very much engross myself in the festivities while also being there as a professional vendor. It was an enriching experience.

I woke at 5:30am to the sound of pouring rain. The type of rain you know is not going to go away. That didn’t stop me heading down to The Pass to capture Justin and his best man Dan paddle out for a pre wedding surf. With an umbrella in one hand, the other on the tripod handle and a beach towel draped over my camera, I captured the lads making the most of the conditions. I’ve filmed enough rainy weddings now to not let it bother me. Weddings are all about energy. If you have good energy, it really doesn’t matter what the conditions are. Clytie & Justin and all their guests brought plenty of good vibes and the rain only enhanced their story. It was a cracking day!

Being behind the lens meant I wasn’t in the film, but I was there the day Justin met Clytie. His speech was amazing and from a storytelling perspective it worked perfectly. The fact that it included myself made it even more special and it was a great way to be included in the video without actually being in any of the shots. Albeit and interesting and rather humorous first impression , Justin won Clytie’s heart and here we are eight years later watching their wedding video.

Love you guys!


March 17, 2016


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