Laura & Tyson || A Maleny Wedding Film

We were very excited leading up to this wedding as Maleny on the Sunshine Coast is nestled in amongst the Glass House Mountains and possesses some absolutely stunning landscapes. When I had the meeting with Laura ann Tyson and they started describing the details of their wedding I knew this was an opportunity we had to make the most of. Our studio is located on the Gold Coast, positioning us about 2 hours south. It was an early rise as we aimed to be at the ceremony location for establishing shots and time-lapses by 8:30am.


When we arrived, the view from Weddings at Tiffany’s was nothing short of spectacular. We were blessed with nice soft clouds coming in from the south over the mountains and towards my camera as I set it up for a time-lapse. Time-lapse sequences make for great establishing shots and are also good for scene transitions and to show the passing of time in a film. I let the camera shoot while I set up our DJI Ronin 3 axis gimbal stabiliser for some nice smooth tracking shots of the cute little chapel nestled right in front of the magnificent view.We had the venue established within the hour and then it was off to the preparations.


Glen is one of our experienced cinematographers who was shooting with me on the day. He is in charge of capturing the groom preparations while I take care of the bridal prep. It was one stunning location after the next as I arrived at Lake Terrace. Luxury, personalised accommodation in the form of a pristine white “Old Queenslander” It really is a cinematographers dream to capture, with an outlook over Baroon Pocket and a house with nothing out of place. The bride and bridesmaids are happy, excited and in good spirits. They relish in the fact that I’m there to capture their day and are eager to have me capture as much as I can. The preparations go on without a hitch then it’s time to head to the Ceremony.


I arrive back at Weddings at Tiffany’s to capture guests arriving, setup our cameras and microphones and get ready for the brides arrival. It’s not long before the bride arrives. Everyone is seated and quiet as it becomes time to welcome the bride. Tyson, the groom, cannot contain his emotion. I love seeing a groom get emotional. It shows true character and a whole hearted love he has for his partner. I came to learn that Tyson is a very down to earth and genuine fella. I could really tell just how in love he is with Laura. Tears, love and laughs are shared throughout the ceremony and as it concludes it’s time to head to todays Location Shoot, One Tree Hill.

The view from the vantage point is majestic. The breeze is moderate but calming. The entire bridal party are relaxed as they nibble on carefully constructed canapés and sip on their beer and wine. Tyson and Laura are engrossed in the moment. They’re really happy and it shows in the shots we’re able to capture.


We eventually head back to reception, welcome the bridal party and start the celebrations. Amongst a cheerful atmosphere, the wine is flowing, laughing is heard in surround sound and the food arriving at the table is exquisite. Tyson and Laura look so happy. We are presented with sincere, heart felt speeches including a clever one from the maid of honour which has since really helped us drive the story in the film. The formalities conclude with the bridal waltz and father/daughter dance and the guests settle in to a night of live music and dancing.

The wedding of Laura and Tyson Lauder was truly one to remember.


These were the words from the stunning bride as she watched her film for the first time:

“I have watched the video over and over again, crying throughout and each time watched I’ve found another beautiful moment captured that I didn’t see the last. You are truly talented. I can’t express enough gratitude and thanks that conveys what I feel each time the video is played. It is absolutely perfect. You are a genius. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Check it out for yourself below.

Lance Smith – Creative Director


Ceremony and Reception – Weddings at Tiffany’s

Bride Preparations – Lake Terrace

Groom Preparations – The Knoll

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