Holly & Cristian || A Sirromet Wedding Film

A young man, 10 years ago, embarks on a journey from Chile to Australia. Equipped with an open mind and the support of a loving family he sets up camp in Brisbane and enrols in university. Not long after, a sweet and blissful young lady from Cairns decides to pack up her life and follow her best friend of 20 years down south to the Queensland capital. A few years pass and both settle into their new lives, both working and studying alike with no idea that fate was just around the corner. That “just around the corner” happened to be a Friday night at a popular inner city bar. I’ll let the film tell the rest of the story. The story of Holly and Cristian. These two are perfect for each other. Albeit from opposite sides of the world and from different cultures, Holly and Cristian share the same family values, understand each other and have created a whole hearted relationship full of love.

Ceremony and Reception – Sirromet Winery


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