Damian & Christina || A Byron Bay Wedding Film

I think everyone at one stage in their lives has boarded a plane and hoped they’d be seated next to an attractive individual. More often than not it’s a screaming child, a man who thought applying deodorant was unnecessary, or someone hogging the entire armrest. Things were different however, when Damian boarded his flight from Hawaii to Brisbane, dressed questionably fruitful in his Hawaiian shorts. Fate would have it that Damian was seated right next to Christina, who had booked a one way ticket to Australia, from Denver. These two lovebirds met on a plane! How cool is that?!

Damian played “tour guide,” appropriately fitted with his tour guide hat. In the early stages of getting to know each other, he whisked Christina down to Byron Bay. Being a place of such significance, it was only fitting that they would marry there. A Hawaiian themed pre party took place at the Byron Bay surf club. It was the perfect event for their guests who flew in from all over the world to get to know each other. I strongly believe this event enhanced the atmosphere and energy of their wedding day.

Damian and Christina’s wedding would follow two days later at Deux Belettes. An exquisite, French inspired chateau, nestled in the Byron Bay hinterland. This venue is visually spectacular but it’s not until you arrive and immerse yourself in the surroundings that you truly get a sense for how incredible the venue really is. You certainly feel as though you’re in France.

I never like to elaborate too much in my blog posts as I feel the film itself can tell their love story better than I ever could in words.  One thing for sure is that Damian & Christina’s love is infectious. When couples respect what we do and welcome us into their lives, we’re able to immerse ourselves in their love and create magic. It sounds cheesy but I believe in it whole heartily. Emotional wedding cinematography comes from building a friendship, sharing a mutual respect for the couple, their day, and our role as filmmakers. This feature film is a testament to this belief. Please enjoy watching this wedding video as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Creative Director


Wedding Planner – Hayley Cravigan


Wedding Venue – Deux Belettes


Celebrant – Benjamin Carlyle


Photographer – Wilde Visual


Hawaiian Night Pre Party Band – Geed Up


Wedding Reception Band – Hamilton Band


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