Anzac Day || Currumbin RSL Dawn Service 2015

I’ve been attending the Currumbin RSL ANZAC Day Dawn Service down on Currumbin beach on Queensland’s Gold Coast for many years now. It is always such a moving experience and for me, and for many others, it’s a time to remember and pay respect to the men and women who fought for our country. It’s a chance to reflect on history and be thankful to those who helped mould our country into what it is today, Modern Australia. We are absolutely blessed as Australians to live in such a beautiful country. It’s something I never take for granted and I always consider myself one of the lucky ones when I walk down the beach and feel the sand between my toes, when I fill my lungs with fresh air or when I take a dip in our crystal clear oceans. We may not be perfect as a nation and our government isn’t without it flaws but compared to a lot of other places on Earth, we certainly live in paradise. Our country was not formed off the back of WWI but it certainly helped pave the way for the freedom we experience today and for that I am grateful. I am lucky. We are lucky.


Here at Box Media House we specialise in time-lapse photography. As this year commemorated 100 years since our diggers arrived on the shores of Gallipoli, I wanted to make sure I could capture this moment in time in the form of a time-lapse sequence. On the Friday before ANZAC Day I set out to find a good vantage point to capture not only the service but the sunrise as well. This was a difficult task as the hill overlooking the service is filled with private residential houses and no public lookout. I was going to have to do some good old fashioned door knocking. I found a house that had a driveway extending down the right hand side. I’ve always lived by the rule “You don’t ask, you don’t get” so I knocked on the door. Surprised that anyone even answered during the middle of the day, a lovely elderly lady answered the door. I introduced myself and explained my reasons for my random introduction. This lady had lived on the hill for 35 years and she was lovely. She said I was more than welcome to head down the side of her place to check out the view. I headed around the back and the view was great albeit a bit too low. I knew I wasn’t going to get a better spot so I was happy in my find and the lady said I was more than welcome to come back in the morning to capture the dawn service. As I was leaving I said thank you very much and casually mentioned it was a little low but I was still very grateful. To my surprise she proposed that although she was having many guests over to watch the service from her balcony which was on the next floor, she said I could come up to check out the view and see if it was any better. I was completely overwhelmed at the generosity of this lovely lady I’d only just met. I removed my shoes and ventured out onto her balcony and was greeted with the view you see in the time-lapse. It was incredible! The perfect spot!


She welcomed me back the next morning and along with my camera I brought a thank you card and some home made raw chocolates I made for her the night before to share with her guests. Ps. They loved them! (recipe below :P) I arrived at 3:45am and the beach and surrounds were already buzzing with activity. I literally had the best seat in the house and it was cool to see the event from a different angle. I felt like I was in a corporate box at a big sporting event. The Dawn Service started and of course it was very moving. I started the sequence when they started to march in and continued it all the way till the end at sunrise, taking over 800 shots. The result was the time-lapse you can watch below.


It was an incredible experience. Not only the Dawn Service but the friendship I formed with this lady in less than 24 hours. I was so appreciative of the opportunity she had given me. It’s a moment I will remember for quite some time.

You can find more amazing ANZAC Day related content including a very touching short film over on the dedicated Currumbin RSL ANZAC website –

Lest We Forget.
Creative Director

Raw Chocolate (That’s good for you)

5 tablespoons of Cacao Powder
4 tablespoons of Coconut Oil
3 tablespoons of Agave Syrup

Whisk briskly in a bowl until silky smooth then add it to some mini paper tins and place in the fridge. Done!

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